Thursday, January 22, 2009

The pressure...

We often add pressure to our lives with out realizing it. For instance this calender. I mean does anyone see the stress it could cause? If I made all the things in it so far this year. I would have finished four quilt tops already and be working on the fifth one. Lucky for me, I just see it as inspiration.

By the way this is how much money I earned on laundry day this week. The rule is that anything He and the Hubby leave in the laundry is mine to keep. So I told the little one that I am now the owner of two days of his change from school lunch. He told me he did not mind if I kept the money because I deserved it. Gee, Thanks Son!

Happy Stitches,


Suze said...

You mean we don't have to make a block a day?

Melody said...

Only the blocks we feel like. ;-)