Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am now the proud owner of ...

Crutches! Yesterday, after delivering MOW, I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground. My left ankle is sprained, my right ankle is cut & bruised and I cut my knee. I am using an aircast and crutches. I wish I had a video of it. It was one of those laugh or cry things. I am still laughing at how clumsy I was. Everything but my face hit the road hard.

After a visit to the hospital I still had to get to the post office. Yes, I did! A very nice gentleman carried in my package for me.

The strange thing is my BFF did the same thing but at her house and hour away from here and is now using the same accessories as me! We must have been identical twin sisters in a former life.

I am leaving tomorrow on a ski weekend. Ha! I was not really going to cross country ski anyway but now I have an excuse to sit around. :-) I am going with a group of friends, all ladies. We will laugh, eat, play board games, have a mystery dinner, some will ski and go sledding, some will scrapbook, some will stitch and some will get extra sleep. I am really looking forward to some girl time.

I'll be back on Sunday night!

Hugs & Stitches


Catherine said...

Ouch!! Hope you heal quickly. Enjoy your weekend!

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh...I am glad you are ok, but a fall like that is always so scary. It is odd how your friend did the same time. Your retreat sounds grea - I would be one of the ones staying inside, enjoying the scenery through the window and getting some stitching done.

Love the bag you made.

Marielle said...

Ouch, hope you won't have pain in the weekend, so you can realy enjoy your weekend with the girls.

Melody said...

Thanks Catherine, Teresa and Marielle! I am healing pretty quickly. I did have a good time even if I spent almost all of it on a couch.