Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok, so my local quilt shop is Quilters' Quarters. I went there yesterday to see what was new. Nancy the shop owner gets new stuff in every week. I picked up 1/2 yd. of white snowflakes on white for a snowman stitchery, 2 yds. of a Kathy Schmitz crackle for the Ring in the New pattern, 1 yard of a brushed woven and a bottle of Best Press Citrus Grove. I have to say it was hard not to go wild and buy more. Sometimes I think I am more of a fabric, pattern, book and notion collector than a piecer/quilter. I used to say it was cheaper than therapy, now I say it is cheaper than booze, cigarettes and therapy. ;-)

Do you use starch or sizing? I love the feel it gives the fabric while cutting and piecing. Of course it can be pricey. Sometimes I use Magic Sizing instead.

Well, today is Friday and my little guy is very happy. He was sing songing that fact on his way outside to get on the school bus. Speed Racer The Next Generation is on tonight and we have a standing date to watch it together. He likes to sit on the floor and play with his cars from the vintage series as well as the current movie. My big Bro and I used to watch Speed Racer everyday after school. I so wanted to be Trixie!

I hope you have as nice an evening as we have planned.

Happy Stitches,


Suze said...

Looks like you had a good day.

Did you ask about getting the spray in the gallon size. If you buy the gallon it equals getting one bottle free.

Several friends and I went in together and ordered it directly from Mary Ellen's because our quilt shop did not carry the gallon.

Melody said...

Nancy does carry the gallon size. I just wanted to try a small one of the citrus grove before committing to the gallon.

It is nice when you can make an order with your Pals to get what your LQS does not carry. Lucky for me my LQS will often special order for me.

Mary said...

Ironically I teeter between Magic Sizing and Citrus Mary Ellen Best Press also. I love Mary Ellen's for initially pressing my fabric and Magic Sizing for the stiffness it provides when piecing blocks.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Fabric addictions are the best.

Shannon said...

Citrus Grove is one of my favorites, but I have a gallon of Cherry Blossom which is my all time favorite. I always starch my finished blocks, it gives them a nice crisp finish.