Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quilting Bee Melody

The other day my little guy wanted to play cars. I decided to take my 'Bumble Bee Melody' out of the box she has been in since 1991. After all who cares if she is MIB. It's not like I plan on selling her. I bought her just because she is named Melody. After all someday my little guy may marry and his wifey might sell all my fabric and collectibles on EBay. ;-) So anyway, I am going to call her Quilting Bee Melody instead. I put her in RC Brum and raced her around the house. So far she is holding her own against the Speed Racer car, The Mach 5. She decided that there is plenty of room in that backseat for fabric and notions. I had so much fun with my friends yesterday visiting a couple of Quilt Shops and going to lunch. Here is some Amy Butler fabric we bought yesterday at The Gallery in Mercer, PA. So fresh and Springy looking.
Here is my QP (Quilting Pal) Ann showing her beautiful quit top to Linda at The Quilting Bee in New Wilmington, PA. I just love Carrie's designs, click on the link and check out her great blog. I believe the pattern is Scarlet Begonia.

Another stitchery for the family room quilt. This is the monkey I draw on all the notes I leave for my Hubby. This was from a reminder of an optical appt.

Here is what my hubby and little one look like. ;-) This is a fun project and sew far sew fast.
Hugs & Stitches,


Lindsey said...

So stinking cute! What a great idea! Is this what you were talking about with Val? How do you transfer the image (drawing) to the fabric? Do you just eyeball it?

Melody said...

Hi Lindsey,
I just trace them with a mechanical pencil. Thanks for the comment.