Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay, the fabric I selected for my Sister's Quilt border looks awful. I found a fabric that will look much better of course I do not have enough of it. I have yards and yards of this collection but not enough of the one I want. Go figure.

Here it is being expertly held up by my trusty quilty assistant.

Now the search is on. I was pretty sure I had seen it not to long ago at Shaffer's Countryside Quilting in Mercer County, PA. Of course I only have one measly yard of this one.

I called Judy yesterday and she does have it and more. Now to decide if I can wait until next week to go pick it up myself or maybe see if she can send it to me. Decisions, decisions. I am sure by now My little Sis does not believe she will ever get her quilt.

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