Thursday, March 19, 2009

I must have Quilty ADD

Yes, I must have Quilty ADD. It is a sad disorder for which there is no cure. I am not even really sure that I want a cure. Some of my best creations come about while I supposed to be doing other projects. Last year we (my two Quilty Pals and me) decided we would swap Monkey Wrench blocks to make a quilt we seen in a magazine. Last summer one of us (not me) finished her blocks and gave them to us slackers. So I decided the other day that maybe I should get on the ball and start choosing fabric and making blocks. I love my QP's and really do want to get this done. I think the lack of a deadline and the easy going nature of those involved make it easy to be a slacker.

BTW these are the blocks Ms. Goody Two Shoes made for me.

I need to get cracking.
Yep, three different sizes.

I started with the largest size. Wish me luck.

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