Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flora and Fauna

Spring has sprung! I had to go out and take some photos of all the signs of Spring. I am not sure how many nests are on our property. The Robins and others have been very busy. Many blossoms are getting ready to burst.
This is the state flower of Pennsylvania.

The Mountain Laurel. It is so lovely and kind of delicate looking.

Hello you can't have nice weather without the lowly Dandelion. This one is rather large. They are my Sweet Hubby's arch enemy. Personally I think the lawn looks pretty with little yellow flowers growing in it. ;-) Who can resist blowing on one when they turn all white and fluffy. Not me. Me and the little one do our best to continue this tradition much to the dismay of my Sweetie.

Uh oh, here is another giant one!

Here is another nest I discovered this morning when I opened the curtain in my bedroom. I will let you know if she lays some little eggs.

I have been stitching and breaking in my Janome. So far the rumors are true it is a very nice machine. I plan on working on some bindings later.
Do what you love.


Lindsey said...

I love the nest on your window sill. What a wonderful surprise, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for little chicklets.

KLo said...

I think there must be more beauty in nature than in anything humankind can or will ever make ... but it takes a certain kind of beauty to see it, to take it in, to share it with others ...

Thank you : )