Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Update

We have started the yard work for the year. As you know once you start you don't get to stop until the first snowfall. I am not a fan of yard work but we manage to get the job done and it is pleasing to see the end result.

Speaking of end result. I have finished the binding on my good neighbor quilt. Our neighbor's are the best. As soon as I put in the last stitch I snapped a few shots. My Little One ran over to the neighbors and told that we had a surprise for them. Within a few minutes, I was following him over to the neighbors. He could not wait to tell them how we had made them a quilt. He cracks me up.

My Sister's quilt is finally done and ready for me to take to Cali with me. Yes, that's right I am going to visit my family in June. I am counting down the days. There is the Little One or at least his head. He is really excited about our trip.

Since I was on a binding roll, why not start on these.

I added a hanging sleeve to this quilted it a little more and finished the binding. It is a keeper. I just need to hang it.

You may remember this one. Scraps from Sister's quilt. One of many diversions. I hung it in the family room.

Here is the mama bird. I have named her Mildred. She is giving me the stink eye. I startled her when I tried to get a photo of her on her nest.

Oh yea there are four eggs now. I can't wait to see the chicklets!

I will be posting a new tutorial this week.
Do what you love!


Shannon said...

I'm lovin' all those quilts. You must own thousands of those binding clips! And I love seeing the robin and the robin eggs, it makes me want to sew something for spring, with robyn egg blue of course. Happy Sewing. Can't wait for the new tutorial either.

Suze said...

I am sitting here with a big smile to see what my friend has accomplished. How good you must feel to have so many things completed.