Thursday, June 4, 2009

California here I come...

I am headed for home. Just for a week to see the familia and then I will be back.

My siggy swap blocks have arrived. A big thank you goes out to Connie W. for doing all the work on collecting and distributing the blocks!

I whipped up a superhero cape for my little nephew.
I can't wait to see him. He is all personality and love!
Super Ty!
Do what you love.


Quilt Hollow said...

Fantastic if we were same area of CA to meet up. I think you said Southern and I'm Northern. I leave on Tues for two weeks to CA. The cape is fantastic! Your nephew will consider you his favorite aunt!!

Teresa said...

Ah, what a great idea. All children love to play superhero at sometime. I can remember my kids running around the house with satin pillowcases around their neck - a cape would have been so much more fun.