Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm still here...

Hello! My order from Spoonflower's Etsy site arrived. Is this the cutest fabric ever? Yes, I think it may be. It is Birdie Friends by Craft Pudding. She has a blog, too.

Okay, I need some input here. I have a Tia who has children in three services. I found these fabrics and am not sure what kind of gift to make for her. I was originally thinking a handbag or tote. If you have any ideas or pattern recommendations please leave me some feedback.

We had our lovely God daughters over last weekend. We made two cute little summer frocks. I only have one shot to share with you. I do not want to post photos that show their faces. I am a little wary of who may be looking. In the best interest of the children, I prefer to just show a dress.
I made a wheelchair bag. I made one a while back for my Uncle. One of his Vet buddies has been admiring it and I found out and thought it is the least I can do to make one for him too.
I made a patriotic vest for my Tia.

I am trying like crazy to make a few gifts. Gotta run and get some more stitching done.
Do what you love.

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