Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun in the Sun...

We had a great weekend. On Saturday My DS's BFF (AKA My Son's hero) spent the day with us. We went out for pizza at a great local place, then to the arcade and off to our place for water gun wars. We sent the poor kid home soaking wet with two towels to protect his Mama's mobile.
On Sunday we went on a boat cruise around Lake Arthur and then fishing. My little one caught four fish and I caught two. We kept the Hubby busy baiting the hooks and taking the fish off for us. I thought that was nice of him. Oh yea and I caught a really nice sized tree.

Unfortunately, I could not reel it in. Apparently, I am not the only person to attempt this as there are many bobbers and lines decorating this Arbor.

Not much stitching going on. I did do some more unstitching and some red work.

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Teresa said... about the big one thatgit away.