Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With Honor, Respect & Gratitude...

I spent today thinking of the men and women who have served and our serving our country. I hold them in the highest regard and am proud of all of them. I especially thought of the family members who have served and are serving now. I pray for the ones who are gone now, that they are at peace and free of the sorrows of war.

My Hubby's Grandfather. U.S. Army, WWII
My Maternal Grandfather. U.S. Army, WWII and Korea. Rest in peace Grandpa Johnny.

My Uncle Johnny. U.S. Army, Vietnam. Sadly, I could not find a photo of him in uniform. I am grateful that these three men all came home and had more time with family. My heart goes out to those that did not.

This is my Cousin receiving his commission as an officer a few years ago. He made officer the hard way. I am very proud of him. He has over twenty years of service and still serving proudly!

I thank God this photo is a few years old and this particular GI (Cousin) is home safe with his family. He service is hitting twenty years later this month.

This little cutie is my baby Sister. This is right after her US Navy boot camp. I am so proud of her and her husband. They both served during the first Gulf War. They meet while in the Navy and are both out now. They are a great couple and are raising two wonderful children. God has blessed our family and I thank him for that everyday.

I have many other cousins & friends who have served or are currently serving. I wish them and all the other service men & women, peace & love!


Cora said...

Wow Mel, I posted about the family too, but didn't have those pictures. I'm going to have to copy those. My dad looks handsome doesn't he!!

Gran said...

I think your thoughts and your heart are right on!

Quilt Hollow said...

Wonderful post. My DH served 23 years before retiring...his mind was a wee bit heavy yesterday because of some friends he loss throught the years on deployments.