Thursday, March 5, 2009


Can you believe all this fuzz came from my machine. Well, it did. Here is the proof. Sometimes I forget to give my machine a little TLC.
I did order my border fabric today. It should be here next week. So in the mean time I am going to find something else to work on. Hmm... maybe some stitchery.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay, the fabric I selected for my Sister's Quilt border looks awful. I found a fabric that will look much better of course I do not have enough of it. I have yards and yards of this collection but not enough of the one I want. Go figure.

Here it is being expertly held up by my trusty quilty assistant.

Now the search is on. I was pretty sure I had seen it not to long ago at Shaffer's Countryside Quilting in Mercer County, PA. Of course I only have one measly yard of this one.

I called Judy yesterday and she does have it and more. Now to decide if I can wait until next week to go pick it up myself or maybe see if she can send it to me. Decisions, decisions. I am sure by now My little Sis does not believe she will ever get her quilt.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Attention span...

You would think I would have an attention span. No, not me. I get all excited about something new and leave projects all over the place. Call them what you want UFO's, WIP's, WISP's, etc.. Let's just say I have a few. ;-) Not to mention the urge to hunt and gather all the fabulous things a quilter loves.

Since a few people have asked, I must admit my Sister's Quilt is not finished. I know, I know, the shame of it. She is a great Sister and the quilt will be nice when it is done. Sew today I worked on it and have seven seams left. Well three chunky rows and the borders. Yay! Maybe I will have a finished top to show you this week.

I will do my best not to be distracted by all the fabulous fabric and other goodies in my studio. Oh yea and the FLOWER POWER fabric by Jennifer Paganelli that should be here soon.