Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank You Ms. Goody Two Shoes!

I love the fabulous new sign for my studio and the Pressing Pals. You are so thoughtful and talented. Can't wait until next friday! More quilty fun!

I must have Quilty ADD

Yes, I must have Quilty ADD. It is a sad disorder for which there is no cure. I am not even really sure that I want a cure. Some of my best creations come about while I supposed to be doing other projects. Last year we (my two Quilty Pals and me) decided we would swap Monkey Wrench blocks to make a quilt we seen in a magazine. Last summer one of us (not me) finished her blocks and gave them to us slackers. So I decided the other day that maybe I should get on the ball and start choosing fabric and making blocks. I love my QP's and really do want to get this done. I think the lack of a deadline and the easy going nature of those involved make it easy to be a slacker.

BTW these are the blocks Ms. Goody Two Shoes made for me.

I need to get cracking.
Yep, three different sizes.

I started with the largest size. Wish me luck.

What do you call...

a strawberry Bundt cake with pink frosting and sprinkles? Other than a bribe for my little quilty assistant. Homer Simpson's Doughnut! At least that is what we called it, until it was all gone. My little one was thrilled to find this on the counter the other afternoon when he arrived home from a hard day at school.

How much stitching can you do at...

the income tax preparer's office? This much.

I am so glad that we are done with that yearly chore. I am now doing stitchery every place I have to wait, except stop signs and red lights! I don't know why I did not start doing this years ago.

I get by with a little help from...

My little guy. He saw this and knew what needed to be done.

I know he has grime under his finger nails. He is a boy after all.

Here is one view of all his hard work. ;-)

Here is the other.

Kids will do anything to keep from bathing and getting ready for bed.