Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Prize, a hot rod, monkeys and charms

So many good things to talk about. First of all, I won this fabulous piece of art from Piggy in a Puddle by E. Lindsey Hornkohl. Click on it to enlarge so you can appreciate its beauty. Lindsey is a talented artist and teacher. She even matted it nicely. I feel so lucky! Thank you Lindsey!

You can find some really cute ideas here in blogland. Like making something you have around the house into a pincushion. I seen this on Cath's blog Just Something I made. I had the perfect car just waiting to be used in my studio. It was originally a flower arrangement I bought for my Sweet Nerdy Hubby. Then the little one copped it to play for a couple of years. Now it is mine all mine!

I have been working my monkey wrench blocks.

I am about a third done. I am liking these so far.

Here are the charms. I am just making a simple throw.

Soccer and my bunny

Soccer season is in full swing. Today, I finished stitching my bunny while watching my little one practice with his soccer team. I swear time has been on fast forward since he was born. This is only his second season playing soccer. He seams to be enjoying it more this season.

Now to decide what to use this bunny for a pillow, a tote or maybe a wall hanging.

I would love to see anybunny's bunny stitchery! ;-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Excuse...

for not blogging. Well, My Sweet nerdy Hubby did a bunch of research on a new machine for me. He asked me what bells and whistles I would want in a new machine and then we checked out all my options. On Friday I went to The Gallery and picked up my new machine. I have been stitching away all weekend. Sew far she is wonderful.

I made the angel quilt a couple years ago for a sample. I was in hurry and just fused the angels, threw the quilt top together and did minimal quilting. I am thinking I should stitch the fused parts down and put on the binding. BTW this is from a Meme's Quilt pattern.