Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Childhood Christmas Memory

I know most people who know me today would be surprised to know I was a painfully shy up until early adulthood. So imagine how hard it would be for me when my Mom or some other person asked me what I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas. I never would tell anyone until the year that the Baby Alive doll came on the market. I was dying for this doll and even though it was torture for me I told everyone who would listen. I even wrote a letter to Santa that I only wanted a Baby Alive Doll and nothing else, not even goodies in my stocking. I was just dying to have that doll, all the while, I never felt confident that my Mom would buy such an expensive toy for me. Well that year it was like a miracle to me that yes I did get my very own Baby Alive.

For quite awhile I was the happiest little girl in So. Cal. That is until my little brother decided I had done him some imaginary wrong and kidnapped her. Apparently while I was at school He took her head apart to see how things worked and could not put my baby back together so he hid her in the backyard. I was so bummed. The even funnier thing is that we found her about a year and a half later and the inside of head after being left out was all rusty. Oh well. It was great while it lasted. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!

This is my favorite ornament. I made him in the third grade. He is plaster of paris with a paper clip stuck in for a hanger and painted with Tempura paint. He is pretty much the only item I saved from elementary school and the only ornament from my childhood. We always hang him in a prominent place on our big tree.

I have to run for now. Pick up a few grocery items, do some more baking and spend time with my family. I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling Christmas experience. God Bless You!