Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hunting & Gathering!

My Brother sent me a message a while back and asked if I had heard of Spoonflower, why I yes I had. He had sent in a design and had a swatch made and was wondering if I would make him a quilt. I jumped at the chance. I had been wanting to make him a quilt for ages and just had not done it yet. After all he is my older, cooler, more stylish Brother. Yesterday a package arrived from Spoonflower. I know that many of you know that you can now design your own fabric and have it printed for you.

So today, I zoomed on down to The Quilt Company in Allison Park. My BFF Spike met me there and then we went to lunch and had a nice long chat. I do not know for sure what pattern I want to make. I do however think I should buy more fabric. The way that the fabric lines are trending currently kind of make it a challenge to find blue and yellow. So the hunt is on. I did buy some fabric prematurely and found it to be far to washed out for this quilt but I will make something else out of it. BTW I restrained myself from buying yards and yards of new stuff.

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an encourager said...

I'd never heard of Spoonflower, but thanks to you and your savvy brother, I am now in the fabric loop! Have fun!