Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Charming Girls Quilt Club July/Aug. Finish

Where did the Summer go? Well I did completely finish My Brothers camp quilt. I even sent it to him in plenty of time so that he could take it to camp with him. Pause: patting self on back. ;-)

I am really excited to report that there was some fabrics left and plenty of the focus fabric that was printed for this project. So I will be making another camp quilt that will be used in a fund raising auction for Camp Starlight early in 2011. You can read about Camp Starlight on this brochure. You can also read a little more about Camp Starlight here. I am touched by the fact that so many good and kind people take a week of their time each Summer to give these wonderful children a chance to be kids.

Happy Stitches,


Grethe said...

Be proud,it is a lovely quilt!
And the star there is a match,I can see as I read about the camp.
Happy Quilting to you:-)

Sandra said...

This is turned out really well. Nice job! I'm sure it will be appreciated:)