Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine Sewing Party

We did it! Notice the sparkly snow flake button! My assistant is quite the fashionable five year old!

She is not letting it out of her sight.

She's doing the happy dance! Yay! It's finished!

I tried to tell her that that lining does not match but she insisted that it is the fabric she wants.

We are on a roll now. My assistant is getting really excited.

Slowly making some progress...

She has selected her charms.

My new assistant and I have come up with a plan.

Good morning fellow Charming People! I will be having a late start. I am going to be babysitting for most of the day. A friends hubby has been unexpected illness. So I get two extra kids for the day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am so happy to be stitching. Small projects to get going in the New Year.

I made these pincushions for Me and Spike . A great use of some scraps.

Finished my little friends gift bag.

Made my purse liner.

Broke my fabulous seam ripper. Yes, it was fabulous for sixteen years. It was a gift from my DH. I was totally bummed out. It was my fault I was not careful. I used it to remove some old wool yarn from one of my spools. Bad idea. Now to try to find a new one.

I have so many things I want to make this year. I am still working on my stitching goals list.