Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Charming Girls & Guys Quilt Club February Goals

I am going to baste, quilt and bind this top as soon as possible. It is for my Mama and I want to send it out next week. My little one helped me with it so far and I am sure my Mama will love it.

This month I hope to finish my monkey wrench and stitchery quilt top. I have no plan or pattern so who knows what it is going to turn out like.

I am looking forward to seeing what all of you are making this month!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Grandma Cecilia

Today is my Grandma's birthday. I will rejoice in the memories I have of her. I will wear her favorite color and maybe go buy some roses for my table. I choose to remember the best of times and the laughter. She is the youngest child in this photo, back when solemn was the only way to pose for a portrait.
This is her in high school. Trying to look serious. I'll bet she and her friends were in a fit of giggles over their photos.
Here she is after being married and starting a family.

My Grandma always seemed so much younger than other peoples grandparents. She was a mother to nine and a grandmother to over thirty of us, not to mention all the great and now great great grandchildren. Imagine if not for her we might all not be here at all. Amazing to me. I am lucky to have inherited a love of sewing from her. Though she did not teach me to sew, she did let me root through her sewing basket when I was very young. I am sure that her creativity rubbed off on me. I love this photo. She often sat like that with her arms like that. I sit like that too (in mirror image).

I will be posting my February goals later. Lots to work on this month!