Friday, February 26, 2010

Charming Girls & Guys Quilt Club February Finish

I finished my Mama's quilt. I am so glad to have finished and sent it on it's way. She already received it and loves it. I just crisscrossed through the squares with straight lines. It is about 80 inches square and was about the largest that I ever want to quilt on my home machine. I am pleased with the result.
My little one decided to wrap up in it right away. He said he was putting love in it for his Little Grandma.
I did not finish my Monkey wrench quilt. I did however make a little bunny to get ready for Spring.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Sewing Party

I am getting ready for the Spring Sewing Party. I will be making one of the dolls designed by Sweet Meadows Farm. I already made myself some templates (I do not like to cut my patterns). I still have to choose the fabric for the clothes and hair.

Where has the day gone? I managed to trace the body parts. Then I had to make breakfast for my family.
Then I was back upstairs and stitched away!
Opp! I to pause and clean out the fuzz! Yuck!
Time to cut it all out.
Pause for some pc time.
Getting ready to stuff. Bummer, have to go cook lunch.
All stuffed. Those fingers crack me up.
Painted on the shoes. Spent some time with my family while the paint dried.
Painted on the socks. Time to cook dinner!
Still waiting for paint to dry. Stitched on four arms and a head.
Finally the paint dried and the legs are on.
What a day! I guess if we were not snowed in the guys might have needed so much of my attention. I am not sure I will finish my dolls tonight but I will try. I am going to go and see what the rest of you party people are up to.

Second update

Okay so it took me almost two hours to see what everyone is up to! Wow all the Charming people are so talented and creative. I found inspiration everywhere. So now my problem is it is getting late and I am having trouble choosing the fabric and hair for my dolls. Too many choices and not enough decisions. ;-) What do you think?
This one?
or this one?
or this one?
or this one?
or this one?
or this one?
I know I am silly but sometimes I need a little quilty input.

Is it Spring Yet?

I am so over the gray skies and the snow removal this Winter! I am moving on to some Spring projects. So I joined in on the fun here.

I usually give my dolls more of a prim look and I may still muddy her up a bit. For now I am leaving her like this.

I am very excited about some patterns my Hubby bought for me from Sweet Meadows Farm. Last night I traced all the parts onto plastic and made my templates. I plan on making a doll for the Spring Sewing Party.

I also joined in on the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt-A-Long. It sounds like a lot of fun. I am going to make mine out of fabric already in the stash. I have actually never bought any Jelly Rolls.

So that is what I am up to, how about you?

Quilty Blogger Love

Pam of MamaSpark is making a quilt for an injured Marine. Perhaps you would like to contribute a block?

I am also making a couple of blocks for a fellow blogger who is in need of some Quilty blogger love. Thanks to the lovely Karen at Sew Many Ways for being the brains behind this particular quilt.

I also owe two siggy blocks for a friends quilt.